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FunnelCloud Network

The Funnel Cloud Network provides a range of services for bulk marketing, while protecting the reputation of the sending organization.


We helped the most important dairy management company in the US to succeed in this digital area by modernizing their current applications. Improvements in the User Experience led to increases in productivity.


DigitalBlue needed a field app with the highest possible security standards. We created a mobile app to help police officers and other first responders communicate with their support networks during crisis situations.


In order to improve the treatment of children with autism, we created Opya a suite of apps to help clinicians and parents to have better communication and a faster collaboration, bringing everyone closer together.

Consulting Services

Transformation Management B3 Consulting Group is in the business of transformation. We bring proven project management tools and templates to any implementation. Our leadership will partner with your organization to define a comprehensive plan to…

Data Science and AI

Avenga Data Science and AI/ML-related services have already helped man businesses transform how they operate, create new revenue channels, and harness the data available to facilitate data-driven decisions. The typical use cases are: Typical challenges…

Robotic & Business Process Automation

We analyze key business processes that tend to have repetitive work in back office operations. Give the list of processes that are appropriate for automation through software bots, we define RPA implementation strategy and execute…

Big Data Services

We aggregate data from disparate data sources, creating analytics ready datasets. Wrangling big datasets by employing optimized Spark clusters to help produce meaningful insights is what we are most adept at.

Advanced Analytics

We build analytics workflows to deploy predictive analytics at scale. By embedding models into business processes, we bring actionable information to key business stakeholders


One system means more productivity and better information in less time. You need systems to run your restaurant. But multiple, disconnected systems make it difficult to get vital insights into the hands of managers in…

CMS and Applications

CMS powered with easy use, customizability, security, and pricing. Bring you not the best CMS but the best for your business!