Membership Benefits

  • For a fraction of your Sales & Business Development budgets, you can:
    • Offer your existing clients new products/services which you can get from other members
    • Deliver services to your existing clients, wherever and whenever they need it, through other members
    • Gain new clients through referrals from other members
    • Market and sell your products and services to other members, or to their clients
  • For a fraction of your Product Development Budgets, instantly gain access to a huge portfolio of IT Products & Service as well as Industry and Technology expertise (click here)
  • For a fraction of your Marketing & Administration Budgets, you also get:
Product Marketing MaterialNewsletters & Journals
Proposal & Solution LibraryThe Great IT Professional
Presentation LibraryWorkforce Development Tools
Alliance Branding MaterialTechnology and Capability Assessments and Benchmarking
Collaboration & Support PlatformEvents