How Does It Work?

Step 1: Become a member and gain access to:

  • Tools, Publications, Educational Material, Events
  • Detailed Solution Catalog
  • Alliance Branding
  • Multiple Marketing Channels, including: Website, Events, Publications

Step 2: Market your capabilities to others (members, clients, and more)

  • Publish articles in the Alliance newsletters and journals
  • Conduct webinars for >25,000 global ITMPI subscribers
  • Attend Regional/Global events
  • Add information about your company, and your products/services/tools on the Alliance website

Step 3: Find other members and learn about their offerings and capabilities

  • Search the on-line Alliance Solution Catalog to understand what is offered, where it is offered, and by whom
  • In the members only section, read through the full marketing material on each member’s offerings (ex, video, presentations, brochures, case studies, etc.)
  • Take advantage of the “Clubhouse” collaboration spaces to share ideas and solutions to common problems

Step 4: Establish Partnerships

  • Collaborate with Alliance member(s):
    • work together on a specific engagement
    • obtain licenses to specific products or tools