At the Global Alliance, our vision is to become the premier business technology marketplace
exchanging ideas, products, services and routes to market among our growing community of mid-size and emerging technology providers

The Need

Organizational growth, global expansion, and competition for the biggest deals in the world is expensive, and often times unfeasible. The Alliance provides a faster, more cost-effective, and collaborative solution where IT firms can win together, rather than lose separately.

What is the Alliance?

The Alliance is global consortium of IT and consulting firms. Our members leverage the strengths, network, capabilities, and expertise of one another to reach previously unreachable levels of growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to combine the individual strengths of existing IT organizations from around the world, into a cooperative, sharing, and connected world-wide network.

How Does the Alliance Work?

Become an Alliance Member

and gain access to tools, publications, education material and events. You’ll also have access to a detailed solution catalog and our Global Alliance branding, as well as multiple marketing channels including websites, events and publications provided by our members.

Market your Capabilities to other Members

by creating your own custom Storefront using our Membership Interaction Portal so you can promote your capabilites to members ablke to your company to the next level. Leverage the capabilities in our Membership Introduction Bundle such as custom published webinars, articles or content, regional/global events and a communications vehicle to upwards of a million IT Professionals to immediately drive value.

Search for New Partners

Through the membership search capability provided in the Membership Interaction Portal. Review the custom Storefronts created by other members to find a partner or solution that fits your needs. Close more deals by registering new opportunities available to other Alliance members to help you fulfill.

Establish Partnerships with Members

By collaborating around specific engagements, opportunities, or products and services. Develop business relationship that suit your specific needs using our flexible relationship structure and rapidly grow your business.

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9 months ago

Hello Members, we sent out our first April issue of the newsletter on Friday the 8th. If you did not see it in your Inbox please check your junk folder. Thanks.

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