Prioritize Partner Communication to Free Up Innovation

Prioritize Partner Communication to Free Up Innovation

Per a Forrester study, 71 percent of business executives think they have to speed up their offerings rate to retain their customers and market position. Though the futuristic companies already have a dedicated team for experimentation, the creativity is limited to them only. Additionally, with the pandemic and the nascent adoption of hybrid work models, getting all hands on deck is not feasible. On the other hand, partner communication and collaboration can enable more fresh ideas to come to the table. In this article at Washington Post, find out how partner communication can facilitate more innovation in the company.

Partner Communication for Ideation

Invite All Ideas

Why should only your R&D teams or top executives decide what the innovation team should pursue? When you restrict entry to such ideation meetings, you indirectly send out a message that other employees’ opinions do not matter. Take in all ideas and stop chasing ROI against every idea. Some take time to show results.

Let Ideas Speak the Loudest

Most people do not speak up during meetings, let alone ideate. Why do you not ask everyone to share their ideas in writing before the meeting? This will enable the quietest of the bunch to get a voice without being an extrovert. This will also stop people from having a group-based idea where the most favored ideas get the biased spotlight.

Reduce Information Isolation

Are only a handful of people more interested in such innovation attempts? Instead of designating a single group for ideation activities, break down the hierarchy. Ask everyone to develop ideas and have working models ready for display regularly.

Tech for Partner Communication

Investing in collaboration systems and applications for seamless partner communication is necessary. Furthermore, per ITDM Insight, 74 percent of collaboration work management tools are crucial for innovation and organizational agility. Ensure that all employees have various modes of communication available to share ideas.

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