Can These Alliance Best Practices Drive Growth?

Can These Alliance Best Practices Drive Growth?

Do you want to try a different marketing strategy to scale your business? Or are you planning to remove some of the old marketing tactics to bring in a new approach? Maybe partnering with another company, popularly known as partner marketing, is something you have not tried before. To succeed in your partner marketing endeavors, you must select the right business partners. This article at Forbes discusses some alliance best practices to ensure your efforts result in a decisive success for both brands.

Alliance Best Practices for a Successful Marketing Partnership

Knowing Your Partners

One of the alliance best practices is to understand who your partners are, how they differ in the marketplace, and what prior experience they hold. Furthermore, learn how your products/services fit into their portfolio.

Identifying Potential Conflicts of Interest

Once you have found companies on common grounds, identify if any potential conflicts may arise. As a startup, avoid developing partnerships with brands that result in direct competition with yours. In addition, determine who would own particular leads and how you would share the profits.

Setting Goals is One of the Alliance Best Practices

Clear communication is the key to successful partner marketing efforts. Set measurable goals and communicate them to your partners. The clearer the goals, expectations, roles, and responsibilities, the higher the likelihood of success. Additionally, check your partners’ performance to know where the marketing partnership is heading. Determine a reliable way to collect and track the data essential for your collaboration.

Maintaining Transparency

Experts believe that maintaining data transparency allows you to let your partners know where they stand. Sharing the data with your partners helps them understand the impact of their brand’s effort. Furthermore, an updated customer relationship management system is crucial to comprehend the users’ journey—from their first exposure to the final purchase.

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